Friday, February 7, 2014

Giveaway: The Roses Underneath by C.F. Yetmen

Thanks to literary publicist, Stephanie Barko, I am giving away one print copy and one ebook of The Roses Underneath.

Book Description:

This historical novel picks up where George Clooney’s new movie Monuments Men (2014) leaves off.

It is August 1945 in Wiesbaden, Germany. With the country in ruins, Anna Klein, displaced and separated from her beloved husband, struggles to support herself and her six-year old daughter Amalia. 

Her job typing forms at the Collecting Point for the US Army’s Monuments Men is the only thing keeping her afloat. Charged with securing Nazi-looted art and rebuilding Germany’s monuments, the Americans are on the hunt for stolen treasures. But after the horrors of the war, Anna wants only to hide from the truth and rebuild a life with her family. 

When the easy-going American Captain Henry Cooper recruits her as his reluctant translator, the two of them stumble on a mysterious stash of art in a villa outside of town. Cooper’s penchant for breaking the rules capsizes Anna’s tenuous security and propels her into a search for elusive truth and justice in a world where everyone is hiding something. 

In her debut novel C.F. Yetmen tells a story of loss and reconciliation in a shattered world coming to terms with war and its aftermath.

About C.F. Yetmen:

An early job in Germany as Editorial Assistant for Prestel Books taught C.F. Yetmen how to layout a Kandinksy and write about architecture. In addition to writing for architects across America, C.F. Yetmen is co-author of The Owner’s Dilemma: Driving Success and Innovation in the Design and Construction Industry (2010). The Roses Underneath is her first novel. Visit C.F. at

This giveaway is open to the U.S. for the print copy and international for the ebook and ends on February 21, 2014.  Please use Rafflecopter to enter.
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Sounds like a very interesting book about world war 11

the premise sounds interesting

I find a lot of the details of WWII interesting. It's not that far removed from recent memory. Thanks.

It's about the WWII. Also the story of this woman who is separated from husband because of war sounds like a mystery read.

Mystery and the times, mostly. Thanks.

I like the premise of reuniting looted artwork with the owners. It is a timely subject, especially with the recent discovery of a German apartment filled with artwork, after the apartment resident was found on a train with the proceeds of a sale of some of the pictures.

I just saw Monuments Men yesterday and I am captivated by this piece of history.

lag110 at mchsi dot com

I hosted Ms. Yetman on my blog and was so intrigued by her guest post. It really made me want to read the book. I would really like to win since I didn't have time to get the book for review this time, but would love to read it at a later date.

Thanks for the chance!

this novel would be captivating since the era is my favorite. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

It sounds like an exciting read. I really like the history, and the fact that they are trying to recover art works. I would enjoy reading this one. Thanks for having the giveaway.


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